Coronavirus – Urgent need for Resources

Urgent need for supplies and assistance.   Please check this link SimpleResourceRequest_18March20 to see if you or your organization can HELP.   Focus on the Detailed_Description Field not the Resource_Description field that refers to other documents or locations.

Please disseminate to your Businesses!

Your help in getting the word out to Businesses is greatly appreciated by the State, Agencies/Organizations that are on the receiving the end and all citizens of Wisconsin, as what you are able to provide may directly or indirectly be saving lives! 

The State Emergency Operations Center is in need of items listed on the attached spreadsheet to full-fill requests by Hospitals, first responder Agencies, Child Care Centers etc. to fight COVD-19.

If your Business has any of these items and are willing to donate or sell them, please contact Lacey Shoemaker at Wisconsin Emergency Management at: with a CC to

Information the State needs if you can help fulfil any of these needs are:

– Request number; 670-XXX

– List the items and quantity

– Date/Time that the items are available

– Point of Contact with agency, email, and phone number